Fruit Tea Sosro

In order to product development, PT Sinar Sosro launched new tea with a variety of fruit flavors in 1997. Under the name Fruit Tea Sosro, it is targeted on teenagers.

Fruit Tea Sosro with tagline “Banyak Sensasinya” comes in several flavors, such as:

1. Apple

2. Blackcurrant

3. Strawberry

4. Guava

5. Freeze (a mixture of strawberry and cold sensation grape)

6. Extreme (a mixture of apple and blackcurrant)

Fruit Tea Sosro comes in several packages:

1. 235ml Glass bottle packaging

2. 200ml handheld packaging (Tetra Pak)

3. 318ml can package

4. 500ml and 350ml PET plastic bottle packaging

5. 230ml pouch packaging

“Fruit Tea Sosro, Banyak Sensasinya”

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